Aug 10

Background render script for Nuke updated.

I have a little break in between shows right now, so I’ve started working my script for launching background renders from Nuke again. It’s now called “bgNukes” and has what should be a permanent home on GitHub. I’ll also try to keep it updated on Nukepedia, too.

I have two goals for it: make it work on any platform and any version from 5.2 to the current one and also provide feedback in the GUI about how the renders are progressing. both of these will require some learning on my part, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Update 4 September 2010: Because of some great feedback from Nukepedia, I added a feature to specify which render node (or nodes) are being executed. (Thanks Djati!)

Oct 08

Nuke: Launch command-line renders from the UI

I hacked up this script because I was frustrated with rendering in the Nuke UI, tired of typing out command-line render commands, and our renderfarm wasn’t alive yet. I’m posting it because I bet there’s other people in the same situation and I hope it can ease your pain.

This script launches a number of command-line render instances in the background and captures their output in log files which are saved to the same directory as the Nuke script. You are now free to keep working in the UI and have your renders happen in the background. You are also free to to launch 8 simultaneous command-line Nuke renderers and fully saturate your fancy 8-core MacPro. Continue reading →