Oct 10

Let Me In opens today

Saw the matinee showing of Let Me In today with a few coworkers from Dive. I hope the thrill of going to see a film you worked on never goes away.

The film’s been getting a lot of press, including some hometown recognition from Philly.com. Great headline.

Philly Visual Effects House Makes Vampires Real

Aug 10

The Foundry hilights Dive’s work on The Road

I’m pleased as punch to announce that The Foundry just published a write-up about Dive and our use of Nuke on The Road.

Part of what I like about Nuke is that it allows small shops like ours to do really sophisticated work without having to build our own tools. There’s already lots of capability built-in. But when it is time to customize something, the plumbing is right there under the hood.