"…the bicycle disappears from the riders mind."

Found this snippet in a piece that Spencer Hall wrote on oldskooltrack.com.

Thus I have concluded that the perfect bicycle does not exist, which is not to say that it belongs to nonexistence, but that the bicycle disappears from the riders mind. In this sense, the bicycle and rider and ride merge into one. That is perfection.

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  1. […] A while ago, I posted a quote from Spencer Hall about bicycle perfection. Here’s another quote — this one also about riding the fixed gear — from a guy named Mark’s entry in the Fixed Gear Gallery. (It’s a beautiful bike, too.) Compared to the geared bike I’ve been riding, I can understand straight away that fixed is all about connection and modulation. There is a complexity of sensation on a fixed as you pedal to accelerate and slow down, as if you’ve been allowed to mix colours for the first time or are finding the flats and sharps in scales other than C. […]