Mar 10

Saul Bass on Money vs. Quality

Jan 04

A Brief History of Punctuation

From the International Typeface Corporation comes a concise history of punctuation. Nifty!

Feb 03

Finally — a splash page that doesn't suck.

How cool! An example of a splash page that doesn’t have to be boring by the second time you’ve seen it, the Met offers a new featured artwork at metmuseum.org daily. Sweet!

Sep 02

Further evidence that I'm a hack.

I found this on k10k.

Contains artistic nudity and frank language. Buyer beware.

[Update: 09.02.2002 9pm]: It occurs to me that it’s pretty lame to just post a link and a “public nudity warning” without at least a short comment about why this piece blows me away.

Let’s just say I envy the creator their wanton imagination (and their l33t illustration skillz). It was just so cool stripping away the layers on this cthulian-slash-cubist figure and each time I thought I was done there was another layer.

[pout] I wish I had done that!

Jul 02

Car alarms are for the birds.

This is just about the coolest thing. An artist has created a car alarm that uses bird songs instead of synthetic tones. She even makes them mimic the standard cycle on an alarm. And they’re loud! Rock!

check it out here: NPR : The Call of the Wild Car Alarm

P.S. No, NPR, I didn’t apply for permission to link you. That’s not how the web works. Bite me.