Jan 14

Now on Tumblr

I’ll be sharing things over at Tumblr now. thefriendlycompositor.tumblr.com/

Aug 13

Epic breakdown reel for The Wolverine from Rising Sun Pictures

Rising Sun Pictures posted an epic reel of their epic work on The Wolverine. Get a peek at it here.

Hello to all the folks there and congratulations. The work looks awesome!

Jul 13

Advice for new VFX artists

I was contacted recently by a student of visual effects who asked a lot of interesting questions which triggered this little rant:

In your work you will need to communicate with lots of people: matte-painters, compositors, texture artists, 3d modelers, lighters, and more. So get broad. You don’t need to be able to do their jobs, but have an overview of how they work and learn their terminology. this common language will help all of you get work done together. And that’s the important thing: get the work done. Don’t fetishize the software, just make images, deliver and then go home and be with your loved-ones.

This VFX stuff is interesting. But don’t let it eat your life. Balance is essential.

Jul 13

Seventh Son trailer released

WB has just released a trailer for Seventh Son with lots of scary monsters! (And scary Julianne Moore!) It’s also got a bunch of fancy ghosts that I worked on along with the wizards at Rising Sun Pictures. The process on this film was really interesting and I’m so glad that the images that we worked so hard on are starting to trickle out.

Apr 13

The Foundry includes shots from Safe in their 2013 showreel!

So proud to have shots from Safe included in the new showreel from The Foundry. Thanks guys!