Jun 07

Basic Velodrome Safety Guidelines


And a gear chart: http ://www.delaunecc.org/track.htm

Nov 06

this will be my one and only race report for the 2006 cyclo-cross season

today, 10 am: the gun goes off. we go.

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Sep 06

Cyclo-Cross History

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to post a lot of cyclo-cross stuff this year. But this is awesome: the film coverage of a ‘cross race from 1944.

Feb 06

Waffle Prints in New Snow

Had the most lovely bike ride on Saturday afternoon. Four of us rolled out of the parking lot at White Clay about 2 in the afternoon with a few little flakes swirling about. About an hour later we were laying down the first waffle-prints in swiftly accumulating snow. White clay is lovely — groomed smooth and fast. Ãœber-fun. Spent the rest of the weekend holed up watching movies in bed, which is it’s own kind of fun, too.

I promise I’ll write about something other than bicycles real soon now.

Feb 06

A Fractal Look at Cross

This is brilliant. The closer you look, the more complicated ‘cross gets.