Oct 10

Let Me In opens today

Saw the matinee showing of Let Me In today with a few coworkers from Dive. I hope the thrill of going to see a film you worked on never goes away.

The film’s been getting a lot of press, including some hometown recognition from Philly.com. Great headline.

Philly Visual Effects House Makes Vampires Real

Jun 10

Long Live Polaroid!

This is a great video about the Impossible Project. I get this surge of joy whenever I see something from these angel geniuses.

Now, who wants to resurrect Agfa’s Portriga Rapid?

Feb 08

LCD + Polaroid = Camera?!



First, Polaroid discontinues instant film and now this. It’s been an interesting month.

Nov 07


Awesome! There is a web community of people who like to shoot Polaroid film:http://polanoid.net/

In other news, Jessica and I visited the Andre Kertesz show at Silverstein Photograhy in NYC this weekend. Beautiful work. The tiny size and perfect detail really draw you in. So sad.

I feel lucky to have seen these photographs in person.

Nov 07

Arthur Ganson

Machine with Wishbone by Arthur Ganson.

Is Arthur Ganson the turn-of-the-century Jean Tinguely? His work sure is fascinating.

More on him: Machine with Wishbone His MIT Museum Exhibition from Sculpture.org