Jun 10

Long Live Polaroid!

This is a great video about the Impossible Project. I get this surge of joy whenever I see something from these angel geniuses.

Now, who wants to resurrect Agfa’s Portriga Rapid?

Mar 10

Saul Bass on Money vs. Quality

Feb 10

Sunrise on Stanton Street

After the solid 24 hours of heavy snow, we woke up this morning to a beautiful pre-sunrise.

Dec 09

IMDB plot keywords — please help!

I give you the top 10 plot keywords from my IMDB page:

  1. bare-chested-male
  2. blood
  3. bath
  4. bathtub
  5. corpse
  6. death-of-father
  7. dog
  8. female-masturbation
  9. flashback
  10. male-frontal-nudity

I will admit that I have worked on some… shall we say “eclectic” films? But this list is a little scary. Now, I am totally okay with “bath,” “bathtub,” “dog” and even “flashback”. But all the rest of them? Not good. Not good at all. Especially when the full list includes things like “shot-in-the-head,” “attempted-rape” and “bitten-in-the-neck.”

This needs to change. I need your help. I’m a compositor. I enjoy my work. I’ll even go so far to say that I’m good at it. So, if you’re a VFX company and you’re working on a happy film, maybe one about fuzzy bunnies or butterflies — please call me. I really REALLY need to work on your film. Help me reform this list. Call me, okay?

Oct 09

Columbia Secondary

Seems like I’ve been proud a lot lately. Well I still am. And right now I’m proud to say that my sister is teaching at Columbia Secondary