Aug 10

The Foundry hilights Dive’s work on The Road

I’m pleased as punch to announce that The Foundry just published a write-up about Dive and our use of Nuke on The Road.

Part of what I like about Nuke is that it allows small shops like ours to do really sophisticated work without having to build our own tools. There’s already lots of capability built-in. But when it is time to customize something, the plumbing is right there under the hood.

Mar 10

Congratulations Mangos!

A few months ago, I posted about this TV spot which aired during the Tour de France. Last night Mangos won a Silver Addy award for it. Congratulations, guys!

Jan 10

The Road makes the BAFTA long list.

I’m tickled to see that The Road has made the long list for the 2010 Orange British Academy Film Awards in nine categories including “Special Visual Effects.”

Jul 09

Let the battle begin

Did some work on this spot a bit ago. It’s airing now during the TDF.

Speaking of TDF, have you seen the beautiful documentary series about the Cervelo Test Team? I keep watching them over and over.

Dec 08

It's a wrap

Last Friday, we wrapped two films on the same day. It’s been a heck of a ride, working on The Road and Happy Tears, and while I’m glad to be finished with the long hours, I’m proud of my work and I’m going to miss both shows. We assembled a great team and I’m looking forward to the next project. I also can’t wait to put together some breakdowns so we can show off our work.